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Oasis Care Home - paving the way to extraordinary care. 

About Oasis Care Home 

Years ago, I worked in the twin cities for an elderly care home that consisted of four residents.  I remember thinking how amazing it was to have a small assisted living home for clients instead of a large care facility.  I loved that we, as certified nurse aids, were able to sit with the residents and actually have a relationship with them.  We ate meals together, did crafts together and even watched television together.  I spoke about my new job with my mother, who worked as an LPN in various nursing homes all her life, and I told her what a fantastic concept I thought it was.  She agreed and said, "Now why can't Luverne have something like that?" 

However, I wouldn't fully realize exactly how much Luverne could use "something like that" until we were looking for a skilled nursing facility for my mom.  When my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and her health started to decline, we found we were no longer able to care for her at home.  When searching for a facility for her, we noticed a few shortcomings in the elderly care field. My mother wanted to remain as independent as possible, but by being as independent as she craved she required additional time to complete even the smallest of tasks, such as putting her shoes on.  Since assisted living homes generally have about a 30:1 ratio (30 residents per 1 aid), assisted living facilities weren't able to accommodate her needs.  However, she felt she wasn't physically in need of a nursing home yet.  Since that was the only option in our area, that is what we had to do.  We put our mom in a nursing home.  Luckily for us, we were able to get into a local nursing home that provided excellent care.  Even though she had all her needs met, she felt depressed, and with that depression her health went downhill faster than expected. Tragically, my mom passed away only three months later.  It was at that time my husband, Jason, and I, decided to do something about the dilemma we faced with my mom.  We decided to start an elderly care home mirroring the one I worked at in the twin cities.  Why?  Simply because we don't want our story to be your story.  We want your loved one to thrive while living here.  We want to reduce stress for your loved one, and in turn decrease stress on you.  It is stressful having to find a skilled nursing facility for your loved one.  Will the staff treat them like their own family?  Will he/she feel comfortable there?  What do they offer for activities?  Will he/she enjoy the food, bed, and living arrangements?  We strive to be able to exceed expectations for both our clients, and their family members.  How can we possibly accomplish all of this?  We personally talk to our clients, and ask them what they want from their skilled nursing facility.  We believe in personalized care for each individual.  By trying our very best to keep the same comforts and routine they had while living at home, we can eliminate some of the unfamiliar to them.  As a result, their apprehension during their move is eased.  What makes Oasis Care Home stand out?  If you have questions, comments or concerns, you get to speak directly to the owners.  How many other facilities will tend to your family's needs so directly?  We are invested in our business, and we will be invested in your loved ones care across the physical and emotional spectrum.

If my mom were here today, I would answer her question of, "Why can't Luverne have something like that?"  Well mom, now we will.   ~Mandy Brecher-  Owner of Oasis Care Home


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